Divorce – A person can receive either a No-Fault or a Fault divorce in Pennsylvania as long as you and your spouse have resided in the Commonwealth for at least six months.

Custody – A parent can be awarded legal and/or physical custody to varying degrees. Additionally, there are specific rules and regulations regarding moving (relocation) and grandparent custody rights.

Spousal and Child Support – Determining the amount for payment of spousal and child support are based on a number of factors including but not limited to net and gross income, earning capacity and taxes.

Alimony – 17 specific factors determine the amount of alimony a party is qualified to receive. Some of these factors include age and health of parties and property distributions.

Property Distribution – The definition of property for the purposes of divorce constitutes real estate as well as pension and retirement plans, investments, and every other form of tangible and intangible assets.

Wills & Trusts – Having the proper estate planning documents established prior to your death will insure that your assets are properly distributed and your loved ones are taken care of as you request.

Estate Administration – Handling the administration of a loved one’s estate can involve the IRS, Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and/or the Register of Wills of your particular county.

PFA – Protection from Abuse Orders are court orders that prohibit contact by the alleged abuser with the protected person for a specific period of time.

General Practice – Other areas of practice include but are not limited to Landlord Tenant Law, Guardianships and Orphan’s Court.

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