Although our law practice focuses on client needs in the areas of divorce, support, property distribution, custody, wills, and estates, occasionally we are called upon to handle civil cases. The lawyers at Shah Law Group are fully aware that we must keep current with the ways in which Pennsylvania law affects the lives of individuals as well as businesses; this is not an easy task, as the law changes not only when the legislature passes a new bill, but every time there is a higher court decision on some aspect of the law. Our access to online legal resources, as well as our memberships in various law-related associations, assists us in this process.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience equips us to handle cases outside the practice areas we normally focus on; if it is necessary to refer the case to an attorney outside the firm, we are familiar with local attorneys who can handle cases we are not equipped or able to pursue. 

Landlord Tenant

It is important for both the landlord and the tenant to understand their rights under the law before anyone moves in. When you set up a consultation with us, we explain fully your rights under the law, whether or not you have a lease. If your lease or rental agreement has already begun and you are having problems, set up a consultation so we can help you solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

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