• At Shah Law Group, we believe that you should have the power to make your own decisons. We give our clients the tools to take back control of their lives through education & assistance.

  • We explain to our clients how the law works and how it may affect their case. As attorneys, we ensure that we are always informed of the latest changes in the law that affects our clients.

  • Many people looking for an attorney are in incredibly difficult and emotionally trying situations. When you come in for a consultation, we will not judge you, but will explain how we can help.

  • At the Shah Law Group, we make ourselves available to our clients. Everyone in the office is kept up to speed on our cases. When you call or email, you can expect a prompt response.

Shah Law Group Philosophy

Located in Bethel Park, Shah Law Group is built on the philosophy of maximizing results while minimizing concerns. We strive to develop and maintain an efficient, client-oriented approach to all matters. Exceptional communication with our clients has been the hallmark of our services. We use up-to-date technology to assist us in providing valuable services to our clients. We combine hard work and experience with compassion and understanding to assist our clients through difficult times while working with our clients every step of the way to make sure they fully understand all aspects of their case.









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In Pennsylvania, until the 1970’s, when parents of children under the age of 18 separated, the “tender years doctrine” applied.  That meant that there was a presumption in the law that children “of tender years” were better off with their […]

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