KristenKristen Anders Bojarski joined Shah Law Group, P.C.  in 2010. Since coming on board, she has handled numerous complex family law matters, including child custody, grandparent rights, child and spousal support, PFA’s and equitable distribution.

Believing that continuing education is a fundamental aspect of being a competent lawyer, Kristen constantly pursues educational opportunities in order to keep abreast of changes and new trends in the law. She has also attended training programs to further develop her skills in the field, including completion of the exclusive Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute trial skills training program in Boulder, Colorado. Kristen attends conferences hosted by the American Bar Association and Pennsylvania Bar Association each year, networking with and learning from lawyers who practice in other jurisdictions.

Kristen understands that divorce and custody situations are extremely stressful, and that the legal process is difficult for clients to understand; she strives to educate and communicate with her clients in a way that puts them at ease and gives them more control over what occurs in their case.

Kristen is a native of rural Washington County. In her free time, she enjoys reading, music, traveling, and spending time with family and friends..


American Bar Association – Family Law Section
Pennsylvania Bar Association – Family Law Section
Allegheny County Bar Association – Family Law Section
Washington County Bar Association – Family Law Section


Western Michigan Cooley Law School
Washington & Jefferson College, B.A. Political Science

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