Our client-centered approach leads us to focus on educating our clients about the law in terms they can understand while explaining how the law applies to their particular situation. Our vast wealth of experience, combined with our knowledge of law and procedure, helps us lead our clients into making thoughtful and cost-effective decisions.

We know that for many, the legal process is confusing, and sometimes even terrifying. While we cannot predict the exact outcome of your case, our depth of knowledge and experience, as well as our grasp of the law, allows us to predict a range of outcomes. We also help clients understand that perhaps some of their actions they have undertaken or are contemplating may actually be detrimental to their case.

Shah Law Group is committed to a level of personal service and attention that is unmatched. Our clients never have to wonder what is happening in their case. We pride ourselves on the level of communication we have with our clients. All documents sent, filed, or received on a client’s case are transmitted to the client promptly with a thorough explanation. Our goal is to create a partnership between our firm and our clients that maximizes results while minimizing concerns.

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Last month we posted a blog article on bifurcation of divorces in PA.  As we explained, the term “bifurcate” means to divide something into two parts.  When applied to a divorce, to “bifurcate” means to grant a divorce, giving a […]

The term “bifurcation” means to divide something into two parts.  When this term is applied to a divorce, it generally means, “Can I get divorced – legally free to remarry and file my taxes as single – while other issues […]

The internet offers a wealth of information that is easily accessible, literally at our fingertips.  If you don’t know something, just pull up Google on your smart phone, type in a question and receive an instant answer. So when a […]