In traditional firms, there usually is some sort of hierarchy. A specific lawyer is assigned to a specific case, and only he or she can handle that case. At Shah Law Group,all of our employees are up-to-speed with all of our cases. We work together to make sure deadlines are met and appropriate actions are taken in every case. Our clients’ attorney-client privilege extends to every employee of our firm so clients can feel comfortable and confident. Because of our team approach and our 24-hour document access, we at Shah Law Group pride ourselves on our prompt responses to client calls, requests, and emergencies.

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Last month we posted a blog article on bifurcation of divorces in PA.  As we explained, the term “bifurcate” means to divide something into two parts.  When applied to a divorce, to “bifurcate” means to grant a divorce, giving a […]

The term “bifurcation” means to divide something into two parts.  When this term is applied to a divorce, it generally means, “Can I get divorced – legally free to remarry and file my taxes as single – while other issues […]

The internet offers a wealth of information that is easily accessible, literally at our fingertips.  If you don’t know something, just pull up Google on your smart phone, type in a question and receive an instant answer. So when a […]