Shah Law Group began in 1982 in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. Attorney Barbara Shah’s law practice and her reputation as a skilled negotiator, drafter, and litigator grew quickly, and her practice grew to encompass a variety of cases in civil, family, federal, bankruptcy and orphan’s court.


Over the years, the focus of our practice has changed from a general practice to primarily divorce, support, custody and other family law matters, as well as estate planning, including but not limited to wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and estate administration. The firm has established a network of consultants, investigators, accountants, pension experts, QDRO drafters, real estate agents, certified appraisers and other attorneys with specialized knowledge on whom we can depend on for assistance in getting the best results for our clients.

Efficient service and a broad, thorough knowledge of both the law and procedural rules, together with respect for clients’ concerns and regular communications with our clients are the hallmarks of Shah Law Group’s representation.

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